I am pleased to offer talks and presentations to clubs, societies, WI groups and others revolving around travel, wildlife and landscape photographs. These may be of various lengths and mixed from the list below to suit your group. All monies raised are donated to charity.

The presentations take the form of still pictures set to music and often narrated. A brief description of the presentations available can be seen below, and I am very happy to discuss your interest and provide any further information that you may need.

Please contact me for further information.


Current Talks and Presentations

AV Title Date Length Description  
Burma – A Journey Through Burma 2013 66 mins From Yangon, to Mandalay, Bagan, Lake Inle and beyond. A tour of this fascinating country Narrated
Canada – Eastern Canada 2018 38 mins Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Agonquin NP and Niagra Falls Narrated
Costa Rica 2020 22 mins Wildlife of Costa Rica (a lot of birds) Narrated
Cuba 2016 23 mins Havanna, Trinidad and Vinales with stops in between. Narrated
Equador and Galapagos 2012 47 mins A journey through Equador and then to the Galapagos Islands Narrated
Guatemala & Belize 2014 30 mins A journey through Guatemala from Mountains to Sea, and then ending in Belize Narrated
Guyana (British Guyana) 2015 32 mins The wildlife of this unknown and untravelled country (a lot of birds) Narrated
Hampton Court Gardens 2014 7 mins Gardens in Herefordshire. The AV that started it all. Music Only
Hong Kong 2019 18 mins Covering most of this small country Narrated
*Iceland in Winter 2018 26 mins A circular tour of Iceland in the winter. Landscapes Music Only
Indonesia 2015 39 mins From Jakarta to the Komodo Dragons via Kalamantan (Indonesian Borneo). Wildlife and Culture Narrated



43 mins

Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Snow Monkeys and the North Island of Hokkaido snow festivals in January


*Kenya and Tanzania 2016 30 mins An epic Safari starting in the Masai Mara and then to the Serengeti and Southern Tanzania Narrated
Madagascar 2017 39 mins From the capital Antananarivo and then broadly South West to the coast. Wildlife, scenery and people. Narrated
Namibia 2013 34 mins A stunning desert country. Scenery and wildlife. Narrated
*New Zealand 2017 62 mins The North and South Islands – a big trip. Narrated
Panama 2015 21 mins Panama City and the Canal.. and an island, Narrated
Sicily 2018 25 mins The Italian Island. Narrated
*Skye – To the Isle of Skye 2019 15 mins From Loch Lomond to Skye in November. Scotland is stunning. Music Only
Tasmania 2019 38 mins A tour around this Australian island with a stop at Kangaroo Island and Adelaide Narrated
*Umbria – A week in Central Italy 2013 24 mins A timeless part of Italy. Landscapes and festivals. Set to music. No narration. Music Only

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